Telecare platform
MobiWin is an innovative software solution for call centres and users of safety phones or mobile phones with an SOS button for seniors.

MobiWin provides an integration of different telecare products (care phones, mobile phones with an SOS button for seniors, fall sensors, motion sensors, etc.). The system is especially viable for call centres since it provides the operators with information about the identity of the caller, the alarm type, and the location, so the care personnel can reach the user in need as soon as possible.

The MobiWin system offers advanced management of all types of alarms, and different access levels for different types of call centre operators. In addition, families of telecare users can use an interface to check previous events related to the user.

Care phones
As part of the nurse call system or as a stand-alone unit for sheltered housing, we offer care phones of the leading manufacturer in this field. They operate on advanced IP or mobile technology, and are available with a wireless waterproof manual trigger.

If assistance is required, the user triggers a call on the care phone or on the hand transmitter. The alarm is then transferred to a 24/7 call centre where appropriate steps can be taken via the two-way communication.

In addition to care phones, other types of sensors are available to enable the upmost level of home security : wireless motion / fall / smoke / gas / flood sensors, etc.

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