Smart Washroom System

Smart Washrooms are among recent IoT solutions that are to be implemented in the washroom. Such new generation washrooms are expected to significantly improve customer experience and increases the efficiency of workforce.


• Battery or DC powered
• Air Quality Index (AQI)
• Long battery life (Up to 2 years)
• RGB bar for AQI Level indication
• Supports LPWAN (NB-IoT or LoRa)
• Open API: MQTT in JSON

Cubicle Occupancy Indication is a traffic organization
system for toilets with high traffic that will guide users
where to go. Cubicle Occupancy Indication shows the
status of each cubicle and distinguishes its availability.
This enables users to easily find a vacant toilet cubicle.


• Occupancy Detection
• IAQ/Odor monitoring
• Flood Detection
• Cigarette Smoking Detection
• Air Sanitizer/Ventilating Fan Control


• People Counting
• Queue Monitoring
• Feedback Panel
• Digital Signage

Cubicle/Handicap Toilet

• Occupancy Detection
• Paper Level Monitoring
• Seat Gel Level Monitoring
• Flood Detection
• Emergency Button
• IAQ/Odor Monitoring
• Cigarette Smoking Detection
• Sanitary Bin
• Faint/Fall Detection


• Liquid Soap Level Monitoring
• Soap Dispenser with Level Monitoring
• M-fold/Paper Towel Level Monitoring
• Rubbish bin Monitoring
• Leakage Detection (under sink)
• Hand Dryer Utilisation (vibration)
• IAQ Monitoring

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