Smart mobile app for the staff
iNurse is an advanced mobile app for smartphones, intended for healthcare personnel in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions. It represents an advanced replacement for the DECT phone or a pager. Your healthcare personnel will be able to respond to emergency calls via iNurse even when they are not present in the nurse station.

iNurse mobile app offers an overview of personnel in attendance, and an option to establish an assistance call between the personnel that can communicate without a SIM card.

Additionally, iNurse offers unique functions (notifications, etc.) that can be customised and personalized, making iNurse the most versatile mobile app for the healthcare market.

Smart mobile app for reanimation calls
In emergency situations, time is of the essence. DoctorCall smartphone app offers a one- touch call for the reanimation team, which can attend the patient in need of an emergency
medical treatment as soon as possible.

It’s easy-to-use and clear, with customizable functions, which makes DoctorCall one of the most efficient mobile apps for reanimation calls.

Healthcare staff protection
Eurotronik staff protection systems offer doctors, nurses and other employees in healthcare institutions (hospitals, psychiatric clinics, etc.) the possibility of an emergency call in case of danger/attacks by patients and other people.

The call is triggered by pressing a button on the wireless transmitter, automatically via the fall sensor, or in the event the user is non responsive. The alarm also indicates the location of the caller, so the assistance is able to reach the scene of the event immediately.

The system provides a two-way communication between the personnel, and the option to create assistance groups that limit emergency calls to only those people who are able to help, while the others continue their work without interruptions. The devices are waterproof (IP67 protection) and meet all the required international standards.

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