The IP Broadcast Server adopts industrial control host. The system is stable and reliable with SSD and aluminum alloy panel. Working 24 hours a day, it can operate stably in low and high temperature for a long time. With Ethernet hardware, additional line maintenance is not required for the whole system. It has high performance, low power consumption and can run steadily for a long time. With professional management Software, it supports timing management, built-in program management and zoning Management.


10/100M self-adapting, support DHCP / IP settings, LAN and WAN.
Professional rack case design and aluminium alloy structure, with high anti-magnetic,
Anti-dust, anti-impact ability.
Adopt 17.3 inch touch screen, built-in large capacity SSD with sensitive touch, fast reading
and writing speed, low power consumption and other features.
Built-in professional IP broadcast management software

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