Sanko6906/Sanko6920 amplifier integrates balancing function and pre-amplifier and post amplifier. The series is equipped with three sets of stereo sound source input ports, four microphone input ports, a stereo line output ports, an recording output port and two groups of amplifier output terminals. Volume of three-way stereo sound source channels can be controlled independently cooperating with function of “choose 1 out of 4”. Volume of four microphones can be controlled independently. There is also a master volume control knob on the front panel. Equipped with seven equal sections, output volume is adjustable.

This product is more user-friendly designed. It adopts innovative technology and produces powerful, beautiful sound. Its functional operation is clear at a glance. At the same time, the product is designed for conference, sound volume is adjustable. Besides, it has multiple protection and enough function, stable and suitable for conference, background music, Karaoke OK, audio-visual and family engineering support.


With 4 microphone inputs that can be balanced or unbalanced, independent volume adjustment of each microphone, with mixing processing function and 7 equalization adjustment for microphone input, with phantom power supply available (+48V)
With 3 audio (stereo) input, 2 audio output, with volume, bass, treble and equalization adjustment for audio input
With audio source selection to select between line input and MP3.

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