This Sanko2189 is an intelligent Public Address Center. The industrial circuit board guarantee the stable running for the whole system. It has 10.4’’ color touch screen and automatic Chinese / English display mode conversion, operating conveniently and easily. 1-48 remote paging channels and strong audio matrix design.

Built-in optional module function : Common input, Priority input, Partition Common Output, Monitoring, Extended output / input module and so on. Built-in sound resource for BGM. Support background music without external source device.


Friendly big display screen.
Easy to control the touch screen (or touch pad).
Automatic Chinese / English display mode conversion.
50×250 strong digital broadcasting matrix.
Built-in exclusive electro acoustic program.
1-48 remote control partition paging channels.
Fire control / disastrous alarms, paging, phone calls break in automatically.
Module functions such as normal input, priority input, paging input, normal input of partition.

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