Use multiple powerful SMD LED as light source, features high luminous efficiency and low light decay.
Radiation shape aluminum column radiator is adopted, which can conduct the heat created from LED in a very effective way.
Radiator is combined to electric box in a perfect way. The whole lighting fixture can remove the heat to outside atmosphere effectively. It thus cool the whole light and ensure the life-span of LED light source and power supply.
Solid state LED light source is connected to radiator closely; It is also protected by acrylic housing. It can thus the whole light can work in dust, humid atmosphere. The whole light also features anti-vibration and low maintenance.
It can save 80% of electricity compared with metal halide (halogen) light.
Environment friendly and no pollution. It contains no lead, mercury.
Easily installation and dismounting. Wide application is also its advantages.


UFO SMD LED High Bay Industrial Lighting IP65 60 watt – 240 watt (Dimmer 0-10V option)
Input Voltage : 85-277VAC 50/60HZ, PF> 0.95, CRI > 0.90 , Lumen > 180lm/w,
Life Span more than 50,000 hours
Beam Angle : 45° / 90° / 120° Degree
Available : CCT 3000K to 6500K
Model : SABA-UFO60, SABA-UFO80, SABA-UFO100, SABA-UFO120, SABA-UFO150, SABA-UFO200 AND SABA-UFO240 (SABA or Ecolite Driver upon request)

Description of UFO LED high bay lights:

The UFO LED high bay lights for shop lighting use aluminum alloy Die-casting and stretch housing which have better heat transfer. All of the screws on UFO LED high bay lights are stainless steel to resistant to corrosion.
The high transparency glass be used in UFO LED high bay lights to improve high system efficiency and effective protect the LEDs without any broken.
The UFO LED high bay lights have excellent heat dissipation because it’s heat sink direct exposed to the air.
Through use the High efficiency SMT chips, the system efficiency of UFO LED high bay lights can up to 170lm/w.


It can be applied in Toll stations, Gas stations, Supermarket, Exhibition halls, Gymnasiums, Airport, Shopping Mall, Workshop, Warehouse, Factory, Car Park, Patrol Station, Conventional Centre, Stadium and so on.

(*Option : Dimmable & Battery Back-up are available)

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