Power supply with international safety voltage made with long life span.
Energy efficient.
All in one Universal Back Up Power Supply System(Emergency Module Kit), design to suit a full emergency circuit. The module have Li-on/ Ni -Cd batteries able to guarantee high efficiency with high temperatures. The All in one Universal Back Up Supply System can be use for T5, T8 Tube,T5GM, T8GM Microwave, LED Panel Light, LED Down Light, Ceiling Light and Many Application.
The All in One Universal Back Up Supply System Kit are designed according to EN 61547, EN 55015, EN 6100, EN 61347and Standards/Compliance to IEC61347-2-7(SS 490-2-7), SS513.


1. Supply Voltage: AC 85-265V 50/60Hz
2. LED Sources: From 5W to 24W Max
3. Maximum load Current: 4A
4. Charging Time: <24 Hours
5. Ambient Temperature Range ta: up to 55 degree C
6. Maximum Casing Temperature tc: at 85 degree C
7. Compact/Slimmest Size
8. Electronic Charge System
9. Deep Discharge Protection
10. Short-Circuit Protection Battery connection.
11. Open-Circuit Protection
12. Low battery voltage cut off to prevent over discharge
13. Polarity reversal protection for battery
14.Test Button for Emergency converter and LED lamp
15. Degree of Protection: IP30
16. Back Up Duration: 1.5H, 2H, 3H, 6H, 8H(depend on Model and Battery size)
17. Full Smart Driver with battery Protection will cut off battery when using with HF Microwave Tube

The savings on maintenance, replacement of battery and energy usage make the All in One Back Up Supply System an ideal solution anywhere.( We do have self discharge system on special model so that auto discharge monthly and yearly can be fulfill this will keep battery life longer by 3-5 years time ).
The controller of this back Up Supply System is made from components from Japan, Germany and USA.

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