32-256 Gray levels, support software Gamma correction.
Support the rules and special-shaped handle.
Eight–port output, every port can support 512-1024 pixels.
Offline (SD Card) control, can be multiple controllers used in combination, playback content stored in the SD card.
Compatible with single and dual IC, if you control a single line IC LED lights, without being connected to the CLK line.


When controller control less than 512 lamps the frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-1000 controls more than 512 lamps and less than 1024 lamps the frame rate will slow down automatically.

Support Chip

LPD8806/LPD8809/LPD6803/D705/1101/6909/6912/TM1803/TM1804/TM1809/ TM1812/TM1903/TM1904/TM1909/TM1912/UCS6909/UCS6912/UCS7009/ UCS5903/UCS1903/UCS1909/UCS1912/UCS3903/DMX512/WS2801/WS2803/ WS2811/DS189/TLS3001/TLS3002/TLS3008/P9813/SM16715/SM16716/BS0901,BS0902/BS0815

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