360 degree all round light, three dimensional lighting effect, No dark area.
We use blue chip with yellow green powder packaging white light.
Power supply with international safety voltage made light with long life span.
Used of Transparent glass with 360 degree bean angle.
Energy efficient, direct replace 70W metal halide lamp, Sodium lamp by 10W high power COB Filament bulb and save over 90% of electricity bill of lighting.
SABA-ET100-36W Replaced Mercury Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp, Sodium Lamp 150-300W


It offers great resistance to high shock and vibrations, making it capable of standing up to a wide variety of elements.
Our bulb features an optical-grade glass, superior thermal management with internal copper heat conductor and sturdy external housing. You definitely get your money’s worth.
The savings on maintenance, replacement bulbs and energy usage make the bulb an ideal solution anywhere.
The controller of this light is made from components from Japan, Germany and USA.

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