Wide DC input voltage range.
Maximum efficiency is more than 98.7%, European efficiency reaches 98.4%.
Double lines MPPT function.
MPPT efficiency >99.9%.
LCD displays different language screen.
Perfect protection function.
Meets State Grid LVRT requirements.
Remote parameter monitoring function.
Remote active power adjustable function (0-100%).
Adjustable reactive power, power factor range will head 0.9 or back 0.9.
Over temperature linear aerating function.
Drive signal spiff out and avoid other signal interference.
LCL inverted filter and smaller harmonic.
Smart controlled cooling fan, automatically match high and low speed and save electricity to improve generation capacity.
Structure optimization design and small occupation space.
Automatically on and off model requires no manual intervention.
Heat de-humidification function.
Monitors all data of running machine.
Keeps fault and operation record, warning signal when fault.

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