Product Description

Cable Fixing Band and Clips
The Lower Cost Alternative to Cable Cleats

Product Benefits

Low profile finish
316 grade stainless steel (0.4mm band thickness)
PPA571 coating (0.4mm band thickness)
Zero Halogen, Low Smoke & Fume
DNV, ABS Approved Materials
Logistical and handling benefits (easier to move around site in bulk)
Standard width 5/8″ (15.9mm) – other widths available
Standard colour : Black – other colours available
Captive sealing clip
Fully rounded edges
Round profile on end of band
Improve health & safety during installation

Compared to the Cable Cleats

Significant lower cost
Significant weight reduction
Reduced inventory – one size fits all
No accessories required, Like fixing, liners, packers, studding, etc
Accommodates variations in cable diameter
Reduced environmental impact during manufacture / transportation/ decommissioning
50% labour saving versus cleats
Easy application using hand tool
Independently tested for shock and short circuit
Peak current 130kA @ 0.3M according to IEC61914

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