Dementia care solutions
The dementia care system included in the NurseCare nurse call system provides residents with more free space, improved quality of life, better atmosphere and safety, while relieving the nursing staff.

For the most optimal solutions, we offer various dementia care systems within the framework of the nurse call system – from simple solutions for closing individual doors, to a complete system for the entire building, peripherals, and determining the area of free movement for patients with dementia.

The paging system relays emergency calls to small portable call receivers or pagers with an alphanumeric display, which enables constant availability of the staff to potential emergency calls.

Call receivers of the paging system are equipped with a voice and alphanumeric display, and a robust casing. Various protective cases offer extra protection against potential damage and failure.

Eurotronik paging system can be easily connected to a nurse call system, fire alarms, or central control systems (CCS). Messages are transferred to mobile call receivers (pagers) of responsible personnel, or other portable units. Transferring messages to mobile call receivers means quicker reaction and better flexibility of employees.

DECT system
Depending on the needs of organizations, companies and other institutions, we offer customized solutions in the field of DECT systems, which can be easily connected to a nurse call system or other systems in your institution.

The DECT system is a wireless telephone solution in nursing homes where staff can receive an emergency call wherever they are in the building when the alarm is triggered.

We offer DECET systems for various types of organizations – from larger to smaller – and different types of DECT headphones according to the user’s needs. Easy installation of the wireless DECT system also allows for any future expansion, which means you can comfortably decide for the system and update it as the organization expands.

Automatic pill dispenser
An automatic pill dispenser is a perfect solution for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or mild dementia, mentally or visually impaired patients, or patients who need to take multiple different medications and need notifications when certain medications have to be taken. The automatic pill dispenser can be filled with a supply of pills that lasts between one week and one month, depending on the number of daily doses. A loud acoustic signal announces a certain pill needs to be taken. Only that specific pill is available to the patient, as previously set in the dosing area. If the tablet is not taken at the set time, it is safely stored in a locked tablet dispenser.

Hospital bed head units
Eurotronik hospital bed head units are intended for use in nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. They are made of aluminium, and meet all safety and hygiene standards, thus providing patients and healthcare staff with a high level of comfort and efficiency. Modular arrangement of equipment ensures complete flexibility for electrical and gas equipment, so that it can be easily adapted, installed and removed.

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