ECO-T8-18W With Fixture

LED lights use isolated power supply to ensure safety. They are highly efficient and reliable. Compared to traditional fluorescent lamps, LED lamps can save at least 70% of electricity at comparable illumination level.


High density multi-chip LED Light Source
Beam Angle: 360 degree
Power: 18W
Input Voltage: 85 to 277VAC 50/60hz
Color rendering Index: > 90Ra
Luminous efficiency: >110lm/W
Total harmonic distortion: < 9%
Power Factor: > 0.95
Power efficiency: > 90%
Life span: >50,000 hours
Instant start and no flicker, protect human eyes.
Easy to installation and to replace traditional tube light
Saves more than 70% energy
Brighter than traditional fluorescent lamps
Low pressure, low temperature work
Low maintenance costs, No ultraviolet and infrared ray,No bad glare, No delay, No flashing, Low carbon, No UV and infrared (IR) radiation. Green, no lead, no glass, no mercury, no electromagnetic emission of mercury and other pollution elements, No pollution

LED fluorescent lamp is easy to install, can be applied to traditional fluorescent lamp bracket, direct replacement of traditional fluorescent lamp (no starter needed), reduce the cost.
LED fluorescent lamps are particularly suitable for shopping malls, factories, car parks, schools, office buildings, hospitals and indoor lighting.

T8 LED Tube with Microwave and PIR Function

18W T8 LED Tube with Microwave or PIR Sensor

Full brightness when movement detected, dropping to 25% (4.5W) brightness in standby mode (no movement).
Built-in microwave or PIR motion sensor.
Replace tubes in existing fittings easily.


The T8 LED Tube fits into your exiting fluorescent T8 light fixtures.
Sensor is located inside each T8 LED tubes. LED tubes stay on when motion is detected, goes to standby mode (25% brightness) after 30 seconds if no movement is detected.
Compared to conventional fluorescent tubes, the T8 LED Tube with microwave motion sensor saves nearly 89% of energy. It works in all fitting types, including those with diffusers!

Sensor coverage is up to approximately 12m
Inputs: 85-277 VAC 50-60Hz, 165-265VAC 50/60Hz
Life Span: > 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 4200K (Warm White),6500K (Cool White)
Beam Angle 180° 360°
Light output: > 110lm/W
T8 Fluorescent tube (36W) plus ballast (9W). Total = 1.08 KWh/day.
T8 LED tube 18W (eg. 1 hour per day) and 4.5W in standby. Total = 0.12 KWh/day.
That’s an 89% energy saving!

LED T8 Tube

ECO-T8 SMD or COB (Glass)

Capacity 9W 600mm (2ft),18 W 1200mm (4ft)
Input Voltage: 85~277VAC 50/60Hz or 165-265VAC 50/60HZ
Power Factor >0.95
Voltage pressure resistance up to 4000V
Short circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent protection
Colour rendering index : >95Ra
Colour: 4200K (Warm White), 6500K (Cool White)
Beam angle: 180 and 360 Degree
Luminous efficiency: >100 lumen/W
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +55℃
Humidity: <95%
Life Span: 50,000 hours

Environmental Friendly: no UV nor infrared radiation, no heat, no mercury leakage risk.
Reputable components are selected: Epistar, Samsung, Philip,Citizen, Cree, Bridgelux, Nichia

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