Using single powerful COB LED(50W-200W)as light source, it features high luminous efficiency and low light decay.
Aluminum column radiator is adopted so that heat generated from LED can be conducted easily. The whole lighting fixture can remove heat to outside atmosphere effectively, It thus ensures the life-span of LED light source and electronic circuits.
Surface of aluminum radiator is given anodic oxide treatment, which can prevent corrosion.
Solid state LED light source is protected by acrylic housing. The whole light can work in dust and humid environment. They can be used on moving structures due to the anti-vibration feature.
They save 80% of electricity compared with metal halide (halogen) light.
There is no lead nor mercury in the lights. They are environmental friendly.
They are easily installed and dismounted and can be used in many different applications.
Input Voltage: 85-277VAC, 50/60HZ, PF> 0.95, Lumen> 120lm/w, Life Span more than 50,000 hours, CRI > 0.90 and IP 65 Degree, Available in Warm White and Cool White.


They can be applied in Toll stations, Gas stations, Supermarket, Exhibition halls, Gymnasiums, Airport, Shopping Mall, Workshop, Warehouse, Factory, Car Park, Patrol Station, Convention Centre, stadium and etc.

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