The use of high-brightness high-quality LED chip, high luminous efficiency, long life, the real maintenance-free products.
Soft light, beautiful appearance, the shell made by anodic oxidation.
Energy efficient, more than 70% energy saving than energy-saving lamps and the traditional T8 fluorescent lamp.
Safe and reliable work, no flicker, no radiation, no glare, no UV, no harm to the human body
The drive circuit with over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, high reliability.
● Input Voltage: AC85-277V 50/60hz
● High luminous efficiency: >100lm/W, PF: >0.95 Colour: Warm White and Cool White.
● Long Life Span:> 50,000hours.
● No flicker, low glare, mercury, sodium and other heavy metals.
● low power consumption, Wide Input Voltage.
● Many Size (300×300,600×600,300×600,300×1200,600×1200)mm and Power for selection (18W, 24W,36W,48W,60W, 72W, 90W).


Applicable to office, hotel, conference rooms, cafes, bars, home, and other high-end places of indoor lighting.

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