Thanks to special LED light design and advanced driver technology, SABA Japan LED lights are bright, reliable and easy to maintain. SABA Japan LED lights are catered for 24 hours continuous running with 3 years warranty.

T5 Glass LED Tubes

SABA T5 Glass LED tube comes with built in LED driver in the tube. SABA T5 Glass LED Tube is ideal for upgrading T5 Fluorescent tube or T5 LED tube with external driver.
Because the LED Driver is built into the tube, it is very convenient for light maintenance. When light breakdown, only the LED tube need to be replaced. There is no need to change the whole light fitting or to carry out any electrical wiring connection.

T8 Glass LED Tube

SABA T8 Glass LED Tube is very bright and reliable. It is ideal option for light contractors who would like to provide 3 years on site warranty to their customers. By using SABA T8 Glass LED Tube, our customers and channel partners will have peace of mind within or even beyond the warranty period.

High Power CSP Bulb

SABA CSP Bulbs are designed to replace HPM, HPS, MH and Common LED bulbs. They can be used for direct replacement of bulbs in street lights, high bay lights and flood lights and etc. 80W SABA CSP Bulb is equipment to 800W mercury bulb, and are very energy efficient, highly reliable and easy to maintain.

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