About LanzGuard NanoSilver

Nowadays, NanoSilver technology is used in coating the surface of electronics, carbons or carbon blocks, textiles, metals, woods, ceramics, glass, papers, etc. The core technology of LanzGuard NanoSilver is the ability to produce particle as small as possible and to distribute these particle very uniformly. When the nano particles are coated on the surface of any material, the surface area is increasing several million times than the normal silver foil. The maximized surface enables strong antibacterial effect with small amount of silver. Additionally, silver will not expire.

NanoSilver Features:

• Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
• Water-based (non-alcohol) or ceramic-based
• Non-toxic and odorless
• No irritation on contact
• Extremely durable under harsh conditions
• TUV, SGS, MA and CE certified.
• Applicable on various substrates.


High Contact Areas

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