Designed with scalability, function and security in mind, the Jacques IP audio communication system can adapt to almost any sized application where audio intercom and/or public address is required. Experts within the security intercom and communications market, Jacques’ audio communication system will withstand the harshest environments while providing quality audio communication.

Functioning on true IP technology, Jacques audio communication system fully integrates to numerous third party systems including CCTV, building & security management, digital telephony and access control systems. See how our IP audio intercom system, together with our integration capabilities, can provide a robust, high traffic communications system suitable for your industry application.

In-cell intercom terminals provide high definition, quality audio calling to and from central control rooms. Terminals provide necessary duplex audio communication, audio monitoring (including covert), public address, alarm, unit self-testing and reporting functions. In-cell intercom terminals are available in a variety of configurations and can include cell entertainment options (multiple channels of in-house audio distribution, channel and volume control of securely isolated televisions and TV connection ports).


Jacques boasts a number of High Level Interfaces (HLI’s) to industry leading, third party system, enabling the functions of our system to integrate with numerous building and security management, telephony, CCTV and access control systems.

The Jacques High Level Interface Software permits third parties to enhance their own programs to interact, control and respond to the Jacques IP Communications System. Provided to thrid party developers as a windwos 32-bit or 64-bit Dynamic Link Library (DLL), Jacques can make events available from our system to a client’s application through event handlers. This allows third-party system designers to communicate with the Jacques IP Communication System without having to implement network communications or low-level protocol message handling.

The HLI provides full intercom master functionality to the client, including:

Originating and answering calls.
Generating log events into the intercom system event log database.
Receiving events from the intercom system, such as:
– Endpoint status changes, such as online/offline, isolate, remote or alarms (tamper alert, audio fault).
– Call notifications. For each intercom call the manager can distribute details of the call to interested endpoints, including the name, location and CCTV camera association for the endpoints involved.
Changing site properties, such as isolating slaves or remoting master stations. Internally the library manages all aspects of the Jacques Call Control Protocol for the client, including:
– Connection to the manager, including hostname lookup, socket communications, heartbeat acknowledgments and timeouts.
– Commuication using the Jacques Call Control Protocol (JCCP) between the client application and the Jacques server, including all message assembly and parsing, message transmission, acknowledgements and retransmissions.
– Isolating the client application from blocking network or thread functions inside the DLL.
– Call queue management from incoming intercom calls.


Jacques IP communication systems are dynamic and efficient across endless industry applications. Our system boasts an unrivalled use of true IP technology ensuring unmatched scalability and design flexibility. With the scope to achieve systems with an unlimited number of IP intercom endpoints and public address zones and with virtually unlimited configuration options; a Jacques communication system will fit effortlessly into any environment.


Jacques IP PA system offers a simple method of information and entertainment dissemination to the masses while offering exceptional scalability and configuration options. Operating via an IP network allows for complete flexibility of system use, including dynamic grouping of PA zones, with no limit on the number of groups or the number of zones within a group. This allows users the ability to design site-specific PA systems ensuring total audio coverage across all buildings, areas and/or precincts.

The use of a digital signal processor allows total user control of the PA system. Users have the flexibility to broadcast background music to a number of selected PA zones, while making an audio announcement to other individual or selected zones simultaneously.

A comprehensive communication system which incorporates intercom and public address (PA) with a user friendly, customer user interface tool, to provide a safe and effective learning environment. By installing a Jacques IP School Communication system, reception administration will be able to easily manage live and pre-recorded public address announcements, bell schedules, intercom calls, remote door and gate access, all from one location.

Organisations responsible for public safety, need trouble-free mass communication options providing message distribution to large and busy crowds in the case of an emergency – fire, accident, riot. Jacques IP PA system with its flexibility to expand to an unlimited number of PA zones ensures the management of public safety announcements is effortless. The system has the added ability to monitor and interrogate the system for faults via the network. If an amplifier on the network fails, the system will report the failure allowing for timely maintenance and repair. Importantly, the integrity of the entire PA system is not affected allowing for broadcasts to continue to all other zones on the network, ensuring ultimate public safety.


The Jacques IP Video Intercom System combines style with function using true IP technology. The stylish touchscreen intercom terminals, with high resolution imagery, allow for calling to a virtually unlimited number of entrance and monitor stations within our integrated IP communication system. This allows for swift system expansion, with the flexibility to satisfy every client, every time.

As with all Jacques IP communication systems, our video intercom system fully integrates to numerous third party systems including CCTV, building and security management, home automation, digital telephony and access control systems. This ensures a Jacques IP Video Intercom System transcends client expectations as it seamlessly and stylishly integrates with a large number of applications, including commercial, residential, health, public safety and transport.


Jacques’ IP video intercom system is ideal for commercial building’s security management as it provides integration with security and building management systems, access control and CCTV system. Buildings can successfully manage the protection of patrons and property by communication through an unlimited number of intercom terminals while monitoring for any potential threats via CCTV.


Step in the door, relax and enjoy! Jacques’ IP audio and video intercom system for residential living ensures residents are safe and secure through the user friendly system and devices. Protect the home from intruders with features such as IP Video intercom terminals and monitor stations with integration to access control and CCTV systems as well as fire stair intercom systems. Jacques has tailored packages specific for apartments, housing estates and private housing to ensure maximum safety and security.

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