Jacques boasts a number of High Level Interfaces (HLI’s) to industry leading, third party system, enabling the functions of our system to integrate with numerous building and security management, telephony, CCTV and access control systems.

The Jacques High Level Interface Software permits third parties to enhance their own programs to interact, control and respond to the Jacques IP Communications System. Provided to thrid party developers as a windwos 32-bit or 64-bit Dynamic Link Library (DLL), Jacques can make events available from our system to a client’s application through event handlers. This allows third-party system designers to communicate with the Jacques IP Communication System without having to implement network communications or low-level protocol message handling.

The HLI provides full intercom master functionality to the client, including:

Originating and answering calls.
Generating log events into the intercom system event log database.
Receiving events from the intercom system, such as:
– Endpoint status changes, such as online/offline, isolate, remote or alarms (tamper alert, audio fault).
– Call notifications. For each intercom call the manager can distribute details of the call to interested endpoints, including the name, location and CCTV camera association for the endpoints involved.
Changing site properties, such as isolating slaves or remoting master stations. Internally the library manages all aspects of the Jacques Call Control Protocol for the client, including:
– Connection to the manager, including hostname lookup, socket communications, heartbeat acknowledgments and timeouts.
– Commuication using the Jacques Call Control Protocol (JCCP) between the client application and the Jacques server, including all message assembly and parsing, message transmission, acknowledgements and retransmissions.
– Isolating the client application from blocking network or thread functions inside the DLL.
– Call queue management from incoming intercom calls.

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