Large Storage Capacity
GV-Storage System V3, an IP SAN storage system, is a high-performance RAID storage system based on the latest iSCSI technology for users looking for a cost-effective and shared storage solution over the network. Compared to the desktop PC and consumer NAS system which only allow for 2 ~ 8 hard disks for data storage, GV-Storage System V3 is equipped with 16 hard disk drives, storage capacity up to 160 TB (with 10 TB HDD). GV-Storage System V3 can increase storage up to 256 hard disks with 2560 TB through GV-Expansion Systems V3.

High Availability
GV-Storage System V3 has fully redundant components including power supplies, fan modules, and SAS JBOD expansion ports linked to GV-Expansion System V3. All of these components are hot-swappable to create a high availability platform and provide non-stop services.

Compatibility with GeoVision Surveillance Systems
GV-Storage System V3 is compatible with GeoVision Surveillance Systems and Software. With its large storage capacity and high availability, GV-Storage System V3 is an ideal choice for safe and long-term data storage.

Compatible GeoVision Products
GV‐Hot Swap System V5 Series
GV‐NVR System Lite V2 Series
GV‐Tower / DVR / NVR / VMS System
GV‐DVR / NVR / VMS / Recording Server / Backup Center / Redundant Server / Failover Server

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