FalcoWeb at your fingertips – it delivers extensive access control capabilities anytime, from anywhere that you have an internet access. Any existing PC with a web browser and an internet connection can be used to take advantage of FalcoWeb’s complete suite of access control functions – anytime, from any place on the globe.

FalcoWeb system is composed of the access control hardware, the access control application and an internet browser. The intelligent controller hardware with the software application over TCP/IP through internet/intranet or wireless connection. By utilizing true distributed processing, the intelligent controller can determine who can or cannot access a door.

It is also extremely flexible, having a myriad of useful reports that can be filtered in ways suitable to each customer’s needs. FalcoWeb’s design allows for easy integration to over 400 models of IP network cameras and the company’s HR database.


• Network ready
• Industry leading hardware with modularity for flexible, reliable solutions
• Up to 100,000 users and 50,000 event transactions
• Data import/export capabilities
• Real-time event monitoring
• Multiple simultaneous users/operators
• Integrated most popular brand IP camera
• Web page administrative charges
• True distributed processing
• User Friendly Interface (GUI)
• Remote access with internet browser
• Multi system user access group
• Hardware and host I/O linking
• Client/server architecture
• Peer to peer communication
• Supports all popular card technologies
• Supports biometric technologies
• User defined data fields
• 99 time zones per controller
• Global anti-passback

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