EPS cement Prefab Wall System have superior performance such as lightweight, energy-saving, environment-friendly, high efficient, solid, earthquake proofing, fireproof, heat preservation, sound insulation and waterproof. Eco’s products are adequate for high-rise buildings and modification works, such as, separating walls, kitchen, wash room, facing materials for interior and exterior of building walls, and are one of the best choices of wall materials for plants, apartments, hotels, office buildings, and public constructions. Products is manufactured in accordance with National New Wall Materials Standard JG/T169-2005.


Energy-saving, environment-friendly: non-harmful substance, no radiation, reusable, no construction waste, widely used in various applications.
Fire proof : Non inflammability, reached national A level standard, no radiate gases under the high temp. up to 1000℃ for four hours.
Space saving :The thickness of the panel is between 50mm-200mm, largely saves the construction space comparing with traditional wall panels. It proves the space saving rate reaches 4.26m2 per 100m2 space.
Anti-pressure, anti-quake and anti-impact : Meet national standard, fabricated construction, 3-in-1 structure and adopt tongue and groove joint panels.
Water proof & wet proof: The panel has been proved can be used in wet area such as kitchen, toilet and basement.
Sound insulation: sound absorption and noise reduction, 2 or 3 times better than the traditional wall.
Simple construction: completely dry work, fabricated construction, the panel can be arbitrary cut according to need, high efficiency and low waste.
Heat preservation: the panel is mainly made from environmental protection and energy saving heat insulation material, it can keep the indoor temperature at a stable and comfortable range.
Spiking and sticky: the wall material board can be nailed directly or through expansion bolt to hang heavy loads. The single point of hanging strength is about 45kg. The surface of the board can be covered by ceramic tile, wall paper, wood panel and other materials due to the smooth and ash-free features.
Lightweight: the core material of the wall board is filled with lightweight EPS. The volume- weight is in 600-800kg/m3. Freely plastering and only 1/6 weight of the traditional wall material.
Economy: the panel can be reused, the wall removal has no construction waste and no interference to other’s .




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