Commercial Audio Solutions:

a new shopping and hospitality experience

Retail and hospitality businesses are finding new ways to connect with consumers, with the most successful businesses positioning themselves as more than simple shopping locations. They are transforming into distinctive environments of spiritual and emotional consumption, becoming gathering sites where friends share space while adding new clothes, products and experiences into their lives.

Research shows that music systems help provide an enjoyable atmosphere and can be used to encourage more sales.

For over a century, Bosch has been known worldwide for its quality and reliability of its products and services. It is also the only supplier that ranks among the top three firms in both the professional music and public address (PA) system industries. Bosch commercial audio solutions provide different control methods and speaker types geared to the needs of different business environments. Bosch commercial audio solutions create an encouraging and comfortable business environment. They also enhance the retail and hospitality customer experience, creating more opportunities for business owners, while increasing band value.

Outstanding business environment

– Enhances the customer experience
– Creates new revenue opportunities
– Meets the growing expectations of customers.

Music helps create a unique customer experience

– Sound is a highly influential stimulus
– Music can recall wonderful memories and emotions
– At a suitable volume, it can mask or distract from unpleasant background noise

Commercial Audio system features

– Reliable, easy to install and use
– Balanced frequency response at low volumes
– Low profile, easily integrated into the decor

The value of Commercial Audio

– Prolongs customer stay
– Subtle influence and marketing
– Creates recognizable music associated with a particular company or brand


Creating a cool trendy environment is essential for small bars and cafes. They generally require compact sound solutions to cater to their background music needs, as they have smaller distances and fewer zones to cover. Loudspeaker systems such as the LB20 premium commercial loudspeakers provide superior acoustics for these kinds of venues. The perfect addition to these loudspeakers is the PLENA matrix – ensuring excellent sound thanks to a smart equalizing approach and built-in limiters. Low operating costs and expandability additionally ensure that the system can be used for years to come.


– Cafe/bar area (approx): 100-200 square meters 1 zone
– For background music and occasional live performance/speech
– Loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor installation

Fast Food Restaurants

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the fast food restaurant means peak noise levels from hungry diners and seated eaters alike. Maintaining a welcoming and safe environment means being able to accurately adapt to noise levels at these peak times as well as during quieter periods. Background music is a vital support for restaurant staff in maintaining comfort levels, and a PLENA sound system plays a central role in keeping customers happy at any time of day or night. With 4 mic/line inputs for connection to the PLENA call station, 3 music inputs and an emergency/telephone input, this mixing amplifier can deliver 120 W while maintaining full music and audio clarity. Add the LC2 premium ceiling loudspeakers to tailor the set-up to suit every taste.


– Restaurant area (approx): 150-250 square meters 2+ zones
– Separate tone control for voice and music
– 2 priority inputs for (emergency) broadcast announcement

Small/mid-sized restaurants

Cozy dining – it’s all about intimacy and the background music helps to create this. Suitable for small/medium-sized restaurants, the PLENA matrix digital sound system is a quality step-up solution with more functionality than ordinary consumer audio products. It is possible to cover several areas including the restaurant itself as well as the adjoining kitchen or service area. With the integrated wall panels, restaurant managers can choose the music source and control the volume of the zones remotely.


– Restaurant area (approx): 400-500 square meters 2+ zones
– High quality audio with acoustically balanced crossover point
– Suitable for occasional live performance/speech
– Zone volume can be independently adjusted
– Priority for emergency broadcast announcement

Large restaurants

Dining out with family or friends should be a memorable and pleasant occasion. With the PLENA matrix digital sound system, your guests will always enjoy the perfect accompaniment to their dining experience. Simply link it to a media set, MP3 player or smartphone and experience exceptional sound via our compact and stylish loudspeakers. If you need to make an announcement to guests or employees, use the system’s call station for clear and audible messaging. Multiple zones are supported, so atmospheric music can be played in the dining area, while employees can be addressed separately in the kitchen. Additional call stations can be integrated as required.


– Restaurant area (approx): 1500-2000 square meters
– Up to 8 independent zones
– 3 different music channels in different zones
– Flexible control via wall panel, PC or mobile devices
– Option for PA announcements

Midsized shop

Whether it is an afternoon of casual browsing or looking for a specific item, the shopping experience should be rewarding, comfortable and fun. Attracting customers into a shop and keeping them there both rely on providing a sense of welcome and well-being. That’s where a high-quality music and voice announcement system really helps, both in setting the mood for shopping and for keeping shoppers informed. Busy retail stores with multiple sections and floors can often find this challenging, but not any longer. The PLENA matrix digital sound system, combined with the LB20 premium commercial loudspeakers, delivers beautiful audio for music and messaging. This stylish system hits exactly the right note for the perfect shopping experience.


– Shop area (approx): 500 – 800 square meters
– Up to 8 independent zones
– Room acoustics and loudspeaker equalizing adjustments possible
– 4 microphone/line, 3 music source, call station and emergency input
– Flexible control via wall panel, PC or mobile device


Supermarkets have different periods of heavy foot traffic, with daily customers looking for last-minute goods or families doing the weekly shopping. High noise levels at till areas and entrances/exits, combined with the need for constant paging/messaging alerts and special offers, all make the supermarket a challenging environment for owners. We now have a perfect solution that ensures the entire supermarket floor space is adequately covered for audible messaging, background music and announcements. The Compact Sound System combined with PLENA All-in-One unit including paging system is an easy to use out-of-the-box solution, delivering high quality sound and intelligible voice announcements and special announcements in targeted areas.


– Supermarket area (approx): 500 – 800 square meters
– Built-in AM/FM tuners with presets, MP3 player for USB device and SD card
– Flexible control via wall panel
– Up to 6 independent zones

Fitness Centre

Fitness goals need focus, and a great gym environment requires the right music to keep the practice rhythm and pace. Whether that’s a soothing mantra in the yoga section, or a techno vibe in the cardio area, it’s clear that a capable system should be able to handle different music and volumes at the same time. Enter the PLENA matrix digital sound system, with intuitive configuration interfaces for ease-of-use for different zones or sections. Combine it with LB20 Premium commercial loudspeakers, and visitors will enjoy exceptional sound throughout their fitness journey.


– Fitness area (approx): 800 – 1000 square meters
– Up to 8 zones
– Flexible control via PC or iOS app
– Supports enhancing fitness experiences with foreground music, background music, live speech and announcements.

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