Designed with scalability, function and security in mind, the Jacques IP audio communication system can adapt to almost any sized application where audio intercom and/or public address is required. Experts within the security intercom and communications market, Jacques’ audio communication system will withstand the harshest environments while providing quality audio communication.

Functioning on true IP technology, Jacques audio communication system fully integrates to numerous third party systems including CCTV, building & security management, digital telephony and access control systems. See how our IP audio intercom system, together with our integration capabilities, can provide a robust, high traffic communications system suitable for your industry application.

In-cell intercom terminals provide high definition, quality audio calling to and from central control rooms. Terminals provide necessary duplex audio communication, audio monitoring (including covert), public address, alarm, unit self-testing and reporting functions. In-cell intercom terminals are available in a variety of configurations and can include cell entertainment options (multiple channels of in-house audio distribution, channel and volume control of securely isolated televisions and TV connection ports).

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