Product Feature

Strong self-locking mechanism(Pawl and ratchet) saves time on installation.
Flat and low profile head(no sharp edge), for easy installation.
Larger slot at the end, allows the use of a hook-type tool.
Fully coated version with non-toxic, halogen free polyester coating.
Provide additional edge protection.
Prevent the corrosion between dissimilar materials.


Ideal for petrochemical, industries, power stations, mining, shipbuilding, offshore and other aggressive environments.

Technical Information

Material: Stainless Steel Grade 304 or 316
304 grade stainless steel, for standard applications.
316 grade stainless steel, for the most corrosive environments.
Working Temp.: -80℃ to 150℃
Description: Entirely Black
Flammability: Fireproof
Other Properties: UV-resistant, Halogen Free, Non-toxic;

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