Product Performance

No welding, soldering and crimping.
Double Wrapped, the band is designed to clamp small diameter objects as easily, quickly and reliably as the large diameter ones.
Provide quick, easy, permanent EMP/EMI/RFI shield terminations on any ball shell configuration.
Maintain tension under the harshest condition to eliminate potential leakage paths.
Tested to shock, vibration and thermal cycles.


Ideal for critical application in aircraft, military vehicles and any other sensitive electronic equipment.

Technical Information

Material: Stainless Steel Grade 304 or 316
304 stainless steel, for standard applications.
316 stainless steel, for the most corrosive environments.
Working Temp.: -80℃ to 538℃
Description: Entirely Metallic
Flammability: Fireproof
Other Properties: UV-resistant.

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