GV-Expansion System V3 64 Bays is a 19-inch 4U rackmount JBOD unit with optimized solutions for servers and external storage systems. It is also a versatile SAS II / SATA III disk expansion system, ideal for high capacity and scalability storage in IT demands.

GV-Expansion System V3 64 Bays offers GUI management to monitor enclosure environmental conditions through a remote connection. It comes with single JBOD controller configuration for options and features a modular architecture for all key components which ease system maintenance and management.

4U,64-bay hot-swappable SAS II / SATAIII HDD or SSD drivers for data storage
LSI DataBolt bandwidth optimizer technology
Fully redundant & hot pluggable designs: power supplies and fans
Industry-standard SCSI enclosure services to monitor enclosure and disk environmental conditions
S.E.S. support for standard enclosure management
System LED indications
Monitoring: Fan speed, power supply, system voltage and system temperature
System alarm
Storage capacity up to 640 TB (with 10 TB HDD)

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