Capable of integrating up to 255 units of GV-DVR LPR / GV-VMS LPR / GV-DSP LPR / GV-LPR1200, GV-ASManager features GeoVision License Plate Recognition (LPR) — an effective vehicle access and security solution. The LPR function is able to detect for and compare license plates from the connected video sources with that of the GV-ASManager database, as registered, for a spate of access regulation mechanisms, including stay time, area monitoring and more. With its useful utility software, such as GV-ASWeb, GV-ASManager’s configurations, database, event snapshots and recordings can also be accessed remotely for enhanced security and mobility.

Control up to 255 units of GV-DVR LPR / GV-VMS LPR / GV-DSP LPR / GV-LPR1200
Up to 8 recognition channels per GV-DVR LPR / GV-VMS LPR
Up to 100,000 vehicle data supported
Up to 100 Web browser connections
Multiple vehicles assigned to a single user available
Import / export of vehicle data in Access or Excel file format
Vehicle hotlist to identify stolen vehicles or other vehicles of interest
Parking lot management to control vehicle access, the maximum stay time and number of vehicles allowed
GV-ASWeb to remotely configure and access GV-ASManager’s configurations, database, snapshots and recordings
GV-Access mobile app to remotely open LPR lanes and access live view
UI languages supported: English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

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