Product Feature

Coated strap with non-toxic, halogen free PPA coating
PPA coatings have excellent chemical and weathering resistance, which is unaffected by UV.
Extremely flexible even at low temperature.
Protect object from damage or interference, due to directly contact with stainless steel.
PPA thicker coating and smooth edges offers additional corrosion resistance.
Metallic buckle helps to distinguish from black nylon tie.
Ideal for cable bundling in application where high vibration is a concern.
Ideal for petrochemical, traffic signal facilities, oil and gas transmission, telecommunication, power station, mining, car/plane/ship-building, offshore and any other aggressive environments.
Technical Information
Material: Stainless Steel Grade 304 or 316
304 grade stainless steel, for standard applications
316 grade(marine grade) stainless steel, for extra corrosive environments
Working Temp.: -80℃ to 150℃
Description: Black Strap with Metallic Buckle
Flammability: Fireproof
Other Properties: UV-resistant, Halogen free, non toxic

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