The Integrated Mixer Amplifier Sanko200U / 300U / 600U / 1200U is a 2 zones mix amplifier integrated with the functions of U disk, radio, Bluetooth, zones and remote paging. With various functions, including clear screen display of status, EMC input, Mic input with phantom power, priority of inputs adjustable etc. The operation is very simple and user-friendly. The device can meet the requirements of the users and can be widely applied. This product can be called mic mixer amplifier, warmly welcome inquiry for mixer amplifier price.


70V, 100V & 4-16 Ω speaker output
Rated power 60W
Built in two zones 100V output
Built-in 4 Mic and 2 AUX and USB/FM/Bluetooth
Support 2 remote paging stations
Individual volume control for Mic1-4 and Line1-2
Mic 2-4 with phantom power 48V and gain control
Chime/Siren/Mute dry contact with gain contro
Priority: EMC/MIC1/Remote Microphone/Short Circuit adjustable

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