Cable Cleats are designed to support and retain your cables within your cable tray system in every conditions. Most importantly, they prevent the damage in short circuit condition. Unfortunately, short circuit always happens, and when it do, it’s destructive and dangerous to the cables and cable system. Cable Cleats are one of the first lines of defense to help protect the personnel, the cables and the cable system

How to select Cable Cleats?

1. Know the Cables

Which type of cable is being used, Single or Multi-Conductor?
What is the outer diameter of Cables?
What is the cable arrangement, Flat or Trefoil?
If a ground wire is installed in the cleats, know the outer Diameter of the ground wire.

2. Know the System

What is the available short circuit current (RMS or IP Peak)?
What type of cable tray is installed?

3. Short Circuit Current Test

Short circuit current is an over current resulting from an electrical fault of negligible impedance between live conductors or between a live conductor and an earth, having a difference in potential under normal operating conditions.
RMS current is a calculated value for the initial cycles of the fault. IP Peak short current is a maximum possible instantaneous value of the short circuit current.
Electromechanical Force is included forces acting on current carrying conductors. Relevant Standard: IEC 61914

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