Sanko60 is a digital mixer amplifier, also known as public address mixer, and a small acoustic amplification system featured by simplicity and high cost performance. This class d mixer amplifier can apply to the small-sized broadcast system, the background music in the small-sized supermarket, and public address in the classroom. The digital mixer system consists of the latest high-performance ARM core master control and high-efficiency energy-saving digital power amplifier circuit. This product’s name for short can be called bluetooth mixer amplifier or digital mixer amplifier.


Built-in 2x30W stereo Class D amplifier
Support wireless Bluetooth 3.0 and USB/SD input
1 AUX and 1MIC input , 1 AUX output for power extension
Support REC and digital volume control
With remote controller for convenient use
With power adapter support 12-24V DC power
Aluminum-alloy casing, small volume & portable, firm & durable

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