Sank3025/Sanko3036 is waterproof phased-array digital sound column consists of 8pcs/12pcs of 5” speaker units.

By applying the electronic and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, it can simulate the directivity from different shapes of sound columns, while the inherent performances of the sound column will not be affected, e.g. rated power, range of effective frequency response and max sound pressure level. With DSP technologies, we may operate from the remote controller to change the directivity of speaker system at some extent.

This is suitable for loud speaking in a hall where the building acoustics is poor, especially for the hardware of the loudspeaker system in sports venues (where the volume is large, the building acoustics is poor, the reverberation time is long and the sound is muddy).


Acoustically simulate the columns of different shapes, up to 6 sound beams, vertical sound direction adjustable
Active sound column with digital signal processor (DSP)
digital power amplifier built in, rated 240W / 360W.
Built-in 100v / 70v transformer
Volume, tone and other parameters of the sound column adjustable
Waterproof speaker unit and overall stamping aluminum housing design, suitable for outdoor use
With DSP-3000 regulator for easy configuration

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