Sanko2200 has 2 zone stereo output, 2 stereo audio inputs, 1 RCA output with USB, Bluetooth, Tuner and AB Zone. Its RMS power is 2×2 x200 @ 4 Ω or 2x2x50W @ 8Ω. It is applicable to school, gymnasium, plaza, park,train station and airport and so on. This product can be called bluetooth stereo amplifier or usb audio amp.


Fashionable design, high-end and elegant.
There are three kinds of music connection mode selection, support the infrared remote control operation.
System can be extended by adding mixer or mixer amplifier.
Pluggable microphone / linear input / output terminal.
3 input interfaces and 2 output interfaces.
Adjustment of treble and bass output.
Output line can be configured.
Support Bluetooth 4.1 is equipped; loss-less music

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