Power supply at 220V and 24V (Only available for Sanko1116D);
5.0” resistance LCD touch screen, optional interface in Chinese and English, and built-in 1G memory;
One channel of fire alarm switch and emergency microphone. The emergency microphone is used for emergency paging and business paging. In case of the emergency paging, it is possible to take up the emergency microphone for paging after the emergency triggering; in case of the business paging, it is possible to take up the emergency microphone for paging after selecting one or more partitions on the local interface;
One audio playback button, which is used to play the emergency audio recording; the audio shall be recorded with the MIC or LINE port on the panel. For the emergency audio recording, the audio shall be recorded in the format of MP2 with the duration for 10 minutes;
Background sound source recording. The audio shall be recorded with the MIC or LINE port on the panel. When configuring the factory songs, it is possible to record the audio for 4 hours;
USB interface: The configured content (Including songs or timing points) may be imported from USB into this equipment; the configured content may also be exported from this equipment to USB. It is also possible to use USB to upgrade the latest software through USB, or to play the music programs in USB, but only the songs in the MP3 audio format can be played;
Level indicator: It is used to indicate the outputs of all the signal sources;
RJ45 interface (Connected to PC computer online to download and update the songs at any time, and to download the edition timing point on a remote basis);
4 channels of timing power time sequencer (Maximum gross power of 220V/2000W) and 1 channel of short circuit triggering interface (Trigger control time sequencer);
2 channels of paging microphone interface, 1 channel of background and 1 channel of emergency (Paging) line output, and 1 channel of wireless microphone input;
10 channels of short circuit triggering. The alarm sound source is generated from this equipment. The alarm level may be a high level (+5V—+24V) or low level (0V);
It is possible to connect 5 background power amplifiers (Maximum power of each power amplifier is 2000W) and 1 emergency (Paging) power amplifier (Maximum power is 2000W). 10 channels of partitions are built in (Maximum gross power is 2000W, average maximum power of each partition is 200W; every power amplifier corresponds to 2 channels of partitions. That is to say that the first channel of the power amplifier corresponds to partition No.1 and partition No.2; the second channel of the power amplifier corresponds to partition No.3 and partition No.4, and so on);
It is equipped with 4Ω / 10W (1kHz, 1% degree of distortion) monitoring output.
It is possible to edit 5 sets of timing programs (Timing in periodic cycle and timing at designated date).
In each set of the program, it is possible to edit 200 timing points at most. The content of each timing point shall include the build-in power supply (Only on or off state), partition (Only on or off state), MP3 sound source (20 songs at most); the timing point may set the end time;


5″ color touch screen for friendly use
Audio source: Mic input, USB, SD
With built-in Fireman Mic for emergency use
Support 2 remote paging stations
10 channel fire alarm inputs and 1 short circuit output
Weekly timer function: 5 programs, each 200 points

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