LED 2835 High Brightness Ultra Slim Panel Light (Round or Square)
High brightness Lumen branded Led Chip Light Source
Lumen Efficiency : 80-130ml/W (12W and Above)
Material : Glass with Aluminum, PU with Aluminum
Working Voltage : AC 85-265V, AC 85-277V
CCT : 3000K-3500K, 4000K-4500K, 6000K-6500K
Power Factor : >0.90, CRI>0.85
Replaced and Save 85% power consumption
Beam : 160 degree & 180 degree (Flat base)
Life span : 50,000 hours

Product Advantage

The light source is placed under the same brightness, compare to previous multiple shadow features lighting, LED light is uniform glow effect, no ghosting, light feel soft and comfortable.

When the traditional light source irradiation surface, as temperatures rise, more and more ultraviolet light accumulate, thus cause damage to the goods; while LED lamps emit no ultraviolet light and infrared, will not produce heat and radiation.

(*Option : Dimmable & Battery Back-up are available)

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