The T8 LED Glass Tube fits into your exiting fluorescent T8 light fixtures.
The T8 LED Glass Tube addresses this issue by assigning the sensor’s technology to each individual light bulb.
This way, lights will only turn on within the areas which are currently being occupied.
Furthermore, when not at maximum brightness, they do not turn off completely.
Remanding in standby (sensing) mode and emitting 20% of their total light output.
Massive energy savings await.
Compared to conventional fluorescent tubes, the T8 LED Glass Tube with microwave motion sensor will save up to nearly 95% of operational energy usage.
LED Glass Tube with Microwave Motion Sensor fitting to the G13 connector.
Remains turned on as motion detected, then switched to standby mode after 30 seconds of no movement detected.(Customized at Max 3 Mins)
Sensor range is up to approximately 12m
Voltage : 85-265VAC, 85-277VAC 50/60Hz
Life Span : > 50,000 hours
Color Temperature : 3500K, 4500K, 6500K
Light output : 80-160lm/W(Standard 100lm/W)

Product Description

Full brightness when movement detected, decreasing to 20% (3.6W) brightness in standby mode (no movement).
In-built microwave motion sensor.
Easy to install and replace in existing fittings

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