Product Description

The use of Build in Smart driver, high efficiency and high power factor to ensure product safety and reliability.

A robust energy saving fixture UV stabilised polycarbonate body in a neutral light grey colour. Efficient prismatic lenses in clear polycarbonate provide optimum lighting performance from the T5 and T8 lamps.

Compared to traditional fluorescent lamps, LED fluorescent lamps can save at least 70% of the comparable illumination. (With Microwave function will be more than 90% saving)


LED fluorescent lamps are particularly suitable for Parking Lots & Car Parks, Factories, Garages, schools, office buildings, Supermarket and Malls, Hotels & Restaurants, hospitals and etc.


Beam Angle : 330 degree for T5 and T8 Crystal Glass Tube
Power : 9W, 18W and 22W Tube
High density multi-chip LED Light Source
Input Voltage : Built in Smart Driver 85 to 277VAC 50/60hz
Color rendering Index : > 90Ra
Luminous efficiency range : 80-160lm/W(Standard 100lm/W)
Power Factor : > 0.95
Power efficiency : > 95%
Life span : from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours
Instant start and no flicker, protect human eyes.
Easy to installation and to replace traditional tube light
Brighter than traditional fluorescent lamps
Low pressure, low temperature work
Maintenance costs low,
No ultraviolet and infrared ray,
No bad glare, No delay, No flashing, Low carbon, No UV and infrared (IR) radiation. Green, no lead, no glass, no mercury, no electromagnetic emission of mercury and other pollution elements, No pollution
LED fluorescent lamp is easy to install, can be applied to traditional fluorescent lamp bracket, direct replacement of traditional fluorescent lamp (no starter needed), reduce the cost.

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