The T5 LED Glass Tube fits into your exiting fluorescent T5 light fixtures.
Compared to conventional fluorescent tubes, the T5 LED Glass Tube will save up to nearly 75% of operational energy usage.
LED Glass Tube fitting the G5 connector.
Voltage : 85-265VAC 50-60Hz,85-277VAC
Life Span : > 50,000 hours
Color Temperature : 3500K, 4500K, 6500K
Light output : 80-160lm/W (Standard 100lm/W)
Prompt start without flickering, protection to human eyes
Easier installation and replacement than traditional tube light
Brighter compared to traditional fluorescent lamps
Low pressure, low temperature work
Low maintenance costs, With no ultraviolet and infrared ray, bad glares, delays, flashing.
Has low carbon and no UV and infrared (IR) radiation. Green, no lead ,glass, mercury, electromagnetic emission of mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution completely
LED fluorescent lamp is easy to install and can be applied to traditional fluorescent lamp bracket, with direct replacement of traditional fluorescent lamp (no starter needed), reducing the cost.
LED fluorescent lamps are particularly suitable for shopping malls, factories, car parks, schools, office buildings, hospitals and indoor lighting.

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